• ECW Extreme Cold Weather Flyers Mittens

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ECW Extreme Cold Weather Flyers Mittens

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  • Gauntlet Style Mittens
  • Quilted Polyester with Batting Fill Inserts
  • Metal Snaps Secure Inserts
  • Leather Palms
  • Wool Pile Backing

The Military Surplus Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Mitten Set keeps hands warm. ECW Mittens were designed for servicemen, but are now being used by sportsmen, hunters and outdoormen alike. These fully customizable ECW gauntlet style mittens extend up the forearms with adjustable straps at the wrist and collar to maintain body heat and keep the cold out. Tanned leather lined fingers and palms, wool pile on the back of the hand, and strong nylon are stitched together to provide a tough exterior shell while the metal snaps hold the soft, quilted, and warm polyester insert in place. Inserts are easily removable for washing and replacement. Use the ECW Mitten Set over smaller glove liners like the Trigger Finger Mittens to provide additional warmth or keep a set in your vehicle for unexpected moments during the winter.


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