Founded in 1974 in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, Belmont Army has provided the city with quality shoes, clothing and of course, military surplus.  We opened our Wicker Park location in 2006 blah blah blah anyone can write a boring, boilerplate "about us" page, so I'm going to take this one and go full turbo. 

You can get a good feel for what we're about and who our customer is by looking at our brand list. Need a good graphic tee for your everyday? Check out Skim Milk and OBEY. The perfect flannel and beanie combo for the live podcast you're attending next week? Brixton's got ya. What about a good cocktail dress? Yep, check out French Connection for that. The list goes on.

We're always trying to stay ahead of the curve while staying true to ourselves and our customers. You won't see us carrying destroyed denim and oversized, washed-out sweatshirts just because that's what Kanye's wearing. But you will see us picking and choosing what we like from what's popping off and incorporating it into our store. And playing the occasional Kanye track, because we respect talent.

We also have a crazy basement full of military surplus from all over the world. I'm talking MA-1 bombers, M-65 field jackets, M-51 parkas, pea coats, boots, BDUs and a bunch of European surplus that is unlike anything you've seen before. Ever seen a Czech military parka? You will if you come visit us.

When you come to Belmont Army Wicker Park, you're going to find classics, basics, new stuff we like, new stuff we think other people will like, cool military gear, a huge grip of leather jackets and plenty of other things I'm not going to list. 

It's like our tagline that isn't listed anywhere and we don't use or put on anything: Standards and Originals.

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