Belmont Army has been providing the city of Chicago with high-quality goods and durable military surplus since 1974. Originally located on Belmont Avenue in Lakeview, we opened our Wicker Park location in 2006.

Our first floor contains Men's and Women's boutique apparel from a wide array of brands. Whether you are looking for a graphic tee to wear to a concert or a cocktail dress for a more formal affair, our selection will have something to suit your needs. We aim to represent a lot of styles and stay on top of current trends while remaining true to our brand's roots as a provider of timeless, original styles.

Our basement is a haven of military surplus from across the world. We have everything from classic American MA-1 Bomber Jackets to Cold War gear from across the Eastern Bloc; from brand new Battle Dress Uniforms to genuine Korean War gear. In addition to apparel you will find a large selection of knives, boots, bags, and other accessories to suit a variety of needs.

In-store you can get your jeans hemmed with purchase or repaired after a skating wipeout, get fit for a leather jacket, or even have a set of dog tags made on an antique machine. And if you can't make it in, you can order from our online selection with free domestic shipping.

Stop by and see why Belmont Army has been a Chicago staple since 1974.

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